Puppy Dog Vaccination and Deworming

Puppy Vaccination and Deworming: A discussion with Dr. Akshay
R: Hi. Welcome to a new “Ask the Vet/Petzz Expert” episode in our video series. Today we are going to talk with doctor Dr. [Dr Akshay], our vet expert, about the importance of vaccinating a puppy.

R1: Hello, Dr. [Dr Akshay]. There are still pet owners who don’t think vaccination is important for their dogs and often skip this step. Can you tell us how important is vaccinating a puppy?

V1: Vaccination means literally the difference between life and death. A puppy’s immune system doesn’t have the capability to cope alone with deadly diseases such as canine distemper or parvovirus and hence vaccination is paramount. Also, vaccination is the best and only means to eradicate deadly dog diseases and stop them from spreading.

R2: Can a puppy be in contact with other dogs before vaccination or can it be taken out for a walk before vaccination?

V2: Definitely not. The only dogs a puppy can be in contact with are those in the nest, specifically the puppy’s mother and the rest of the litter. The bitch’s milk helps building a puppy’s immune system, but unvaccinated puppies are extremely vulnerable to deadly diseases and should not be exposed to other dogs or the outside. Even when taken to the vet for vaccination, the pet parent should never allow other dogs to sniff or lick the puppy, or put the puppy down on the floor. The puppy should be held in a dog carrier or in the pet parent’s arms, away from other dogs.

R3: When should the first vaccine be given to a puppy? And what is the correct vaccination scheme for a puppy?

V3: The first vaccine should be given to a puppy as soon as it leaves the nest, between 6-8 weeks of life. It’s a trivalent vaccine given for distemper, hepatitis and parainfluenza. After 10 days the puppy will receive a second DHPPi vaccine (for distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza), followed by a DHPPi RL booster shot another 10 days later, which includes immunization against rabies and leptospirosis as well.

R4: What is the relation between vaccination and deworming? Why is deworming important?

V4: Deworming is just essential for a puppy as vaccination is, and it’s done to prevent illnesses caused by internal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. Usually, 1-2 days before receiving a vaccine the puppy is dewormed so that it can eliminate the intestinal parasites before the vaccination is given, since the puppy needs to be in a good and healthy condition before vaccination.

R5: What is the deworming scheme for a puppy?
V5: The deworming scheme for a puppy is pretty simple. The veterinarian will give one dose of deworming before each vaccine, so in the first 12-14 weeks the puppy will be given 3 dewormings. Then, to prevent parasite infestation, the puppy should be dewormed every 4 months.

R: Thank you, doctor!

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