Puppy Dog Grooming Routine

Puppy Grooming Routine: A discussion with Dr. Smita

Hi. Welcome to our video Petzz series. Today we are going to talk with doctor Dr. Smita, our vet expert, about the grooming routine of a puppy.

R1: Hello, doctor! Before going into details about the grooming routine, let’s define the concept and why is it important even for a puppy?

V1: Hello! Well, grooming is not at all a new concept, it was actually a solution to a common problem in 16th century: some hunting dog breeds had long hair that hindered them in water or snow, so european hunters started trimming the fur in some parts of the dog’s body, leaving vital areas like the joints, the chest or the head covered with fur. Later on, “practical” turned into “style” and the rest is history.

Today, grooming means basically to take care of your dog’s hygiene and cleanliness, or styling its coat in a particular way, either according to the breed’s looks, or for dog competitions and shows.

Puppies are playful and curious and while they learn how to eat or play with other siblings, they will often get dirty, as food or dirt get stuck in their fur. Keeping their coat clean is important in order to have a healthy puppy.

R2: What does grooming a puppy mean exactly?

V2: Grooming means cleaning and brushing a puppy’s coat, but also clipping its nails (if necessary) and cleaning its ears. Brushing a puppy’s fur is recommended as it removes dirt, dandruff or dead hair. Plus, regular brushing brings out the natural oils in the dog’s fur, and during brushing these oils are spread over the entire coat giving it a healthy shiny look.

R3: When should we start the grooming routine for a puppy?

V3: If you’re brushing your puppy at home, you can start as early as 3 weeks of age, and you can use a soft damp cloth and a toothbrush. If you want to have your puppy groomed by a professional, you can start this routine after the puppy has received at least 2 rounds of vaccination and has built some immunity, generally after 3 months old, otherwise you risk exposing it to some very serious diseases from other dogs.

R4: I guess brushing is the easy part, but what about a bath? When and how often can we bathe a puppy?

V4: As long as they have their mother around them, she will step in to clean them whenever they are dirty. When they are no longer with the mother, puppies should not be bathed too often, but only when they are very dirty or very smelly. Bathing a puppy too often it will hinder its skin’s ability to produce the natural oils that make it soft and silky.

We can start bathing a puppy during the first few weeks, just as we bathe a baby. Make sure the water is warm and you have a couple of dry towels to dry the water after giving him a bath.

R5: What cleaning products should we use to bathe a puppy? Can we use products for human use?

V5: Choose a good quality puppy tearless shampoo or an organic one, and be careful to not put too much on him. Always squeeze a few drops of shampoo in your hand and gently wash the puppy’s fur starting from the head down. Do not use human shampooing products, as they have a different pH level and they often contain harsh detergents that can damage a dog’s skin.

R6: What should we keep in mind when bathing a puppy?

V6: Keep his head out of the water, don’t put shampoo into his eyes and ears and don’t let him outside before he’s completely dry.

R: Pretty much the same as with a baby:)

V: Yes, exactly.

R: Thank you, doctor! I hope our Petzz expert answered the many questions related to puppy grooming. We will meet again next week to discuss about the grooming routine for adult dogs.

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