Adult Dog Grooming Routine

Adult Dog Grooming Routine: A discussion with Dr. Manu
Hi. Welcome to our video Petzz series. Today we are going to talk with doctor Dr. Manu, our vet expert, about the grooming routine of adult dogs.

R1: Hello, doctor! Last week we discussed about a related topic – how to groom a puppy-, so it’s only natural that today we are going to talk about the grooming of adult dogs. How is grooming an adult dog different from grooming a puppy?

V1: Hello! Essentially there’s not much of a difference in grooming a puppy or an adult dog, since grooming an adult dog means the same thing as in a puppy’s case: brushing the coat, giving him a bath, cleaning its ears and clipping the nails. But there are a few details that need to be mentioned though:

● Adult dogs shed their coat twice a year, once before the hot season and again before the cold season. So when your dog is shedding, you’ll have to brush him more often to remove the excess of dead hair that flies around the house.

● Some specific dog breeds or older dogs who don’t walk much need their nails to be clipped regularly in order to prevent injuries

● Also, with older dogs you need to keep an eye on their ear hygiene, as they tend to display ear infections quite often. Ear infections might be due to dog scratching and bruising the ear tissue that afterwards becomes infected, or diet that is too high in protein.

● Another important aspect that is part of the grooming routine is the emptying of a dog’s anal glands that should be done by a veterinarian a few times a year. Street dogs use their anal glands to spray and mark their territory thus emptying them every now and then, but dogs that live mostly inside don’t get the chance to empty their anal glands until they are too full and they just burst when the dog makes a sudden move.

R2: How many times a month or a year should we give a bath to an adult dog?
V2: Just as with a puppy, not too many times, generally once or twice a year or only when the dog has rolled into mud or into something very smelly. Bathing your dog excessively can cause him dermatitis, dandruff and dry skin and lose the shiny look of the fur which is given by the essential oils in his skin.

R3: What products should we use to bathe an adult dog? Can we use shampoos or conditioners designed for human use?

V3: As with puppies, It’s not recommended to use regular shampoos or conditioners designed for human use because these usually contain harmful detergents that will inhibit the production of essential oils in a dog’s skin, ultimately causing them skin diseases. The best thing is to use products designed especially for dogs, or organic shampoos and conditioners as long as you are certain they are made of naturals oils and plants.

R4: What do you advise dog owners who have long haired dog breeds?

V4: Long-haired dog breeds definitely need regular brushing and grooming as their fur can quickly become tangled and matted. Pet owners should brush their dogs at least twice a week.

R5: Is fur trimming recommended?

V5: If a dog has been neglected for some time, only brushing is not an option and fur trimming will be necessary to get rid of all the dead and matted fur. This can be done by a professional groomer. However, keep in mind that long-haired dog breeds have at least two layers of hair that helps them regulate their body temperature and prevents them from sunburn. Fur trimming is not recommended unless it’s absolutely necessary. Of course, short-haired dogs don’t need trimming.

R6: Except for grooming what else can we do to ensure that our dog has smooth shiny looking coat? Do supplements help?

V6: Yes, supplements for skin and coat can help a dog improve his skin and fur condition and it’s recommended you give them to your dog 2-3 times a year for 30 days. Salmon oil is another very good and healthy addition to your dog’s diet. It contains vitamins and fatty acids that are essential for a dog’s skin and coat. Salmon oil will help him with shedding and will give his fur a healthy glow.

R: Thank you, doctor! We hope that all this information will help you and your dog. We’ll see you next week when we’ll talk about….

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